King Isis is an artist born-and-raised in the cultural hub of Oakland,CA. Taught on her great-great-grandmother Stifled by stringent classical training, Isis began to explore the world of jazz and blues, inspiring a desire to expand her musical world and teach herself the guitar at the age of 16. King Isis’ music nods to the improvisational and experimental nature of her musical training, creating a sound that defies the traditional. A musical shapeshifter, Isis emerges with a refreshing fusion of sound ranging from rock to RnB to jazz and blues. King Isis tracks the journey of becoming from the personal to the public with their sounds, traveling through a culmination of apathy, angst, acceptance, and actualization. With vulnerable lyrics, haunting vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and an expansive musical ability, Isis enters the scene ready to make their permanent mark.

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King Isis is creating the soundtrack to a limitless movement. In an age oversaturated in a hollow virality, King Isis brings the life back to music with their raw, honest, and gritty sounds. Writing has always been an escape for Isis, a free zone to cope, process and to face their demons. For Isis, music is a way of experiencing the self and the world as well as a way of sharing and connecting with others. Much of their music-making centers on the exploration of identity and existence, creating and finding selves, worlds, and realities. With each song and show, Isis strips down her walls to leave you with a piece of herself. King Isis takes you on a journey of healing and becoming, sweeping through pain, growth, and transformation in their music. King Isis aims to empower their community with their sounds and inspire others to creativity.

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King Isis finds power and freedom in sound and is a firm believer in creativity as the fuel to the revolution. As reflected by their BA in American Studies concentrating in Race and Music from Barnard College, Isis’s work focuses on imagining sounds and spaces of liberation for those who exist outside of the confines of dominant society, making music in a black radical feminist tradition. Isis hopes to disrupt, destruct, and unify through their sounds. 

King Isis believes in the healing power of music and hopes to continue to bring those who feel (outcasted/disconnected) isolated into the safe space of her sounds. With the release of her upcoming EP CONTRA, traversing through the process of denial, acceptance, and becoming, Isis embarks on the beginning of her musical journey.